Who We Are

Stanley's Words (to the right)
These words were written when we were founded in 1973 and still hang on the wall today. We have built upon them and bettered the company as we have grown.
We have the knowledge, will, and equipment to handle your stainless steel project quickly and precisely.
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The Best Service for the Price


We are able to cost effectively build and maintain your equipment to lower your operating costs.


Our employees at Stainless & Repair love what they do. That means we take pride in making sure your equipment is handled with care for as long as it is with us.


We have many years of experience with stainless steel and providing custom parts to our customers.


We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products on the market. We use high-grade materials, and when paired with our experience, we have an over-all high-quality product from start to finish.